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Kia Ora everybody!

I know, I know: I didn't update this page for a very long time, and I really apologize for that, but I hardly had some time to use a computer lately.

Currently I'm on my south island trip, and till now we had a lot of fun and experienced some pretty weird things: e.g. during our 3 day stay in Nelson, Clari and I visited the Nelson church. It's a really pretty church, and when we entered there was an organ playing. without saying a word we slowly walked to the altar and when we finally arrived there the organ began to play an other  song. It sounded slightly familiar to me, but it took another 2 sec till I realized, that it was the german national anthem! well, I never hear it in a church before, and it sounded quite impressive..... an other thing happened just a few days ago, on our bus ride from Milford Sound to Queenstown: suddenly it started snowing!! (here it's supposed to be summer!) Our driver made a little stop, so we could make a little snowball battle. that was the first time this year that I had something like x-mas feeling. seems like i was not the only one: back in the bus we all started singing x-mas songs...

ok, time is running out...

love marie 


2.12.06 07:01


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