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hi from napier

today we're staying in Napier, in a really cute little hostle (totally different to the one we had in Wellington the last two days!) We finally left the south island behind us and are now on our way back home to auckland...I can't really belive that the trip's already over tomorrow!  Oh and that it's only 17 more days till i have to get into a plane and fly back home! *being really nervous* When I had to pack my stuff for the travel I suddenly realized how heavy all my bags already are! And I don't even have the x-mas presents for my family jet! Ahhh!  Well, I'll probably have to send something...

About the trip: as most of you already know, we started the trip by flying to nelson first, staying there for 3 days and then catch the kiwi ex bus to westport. the hostel there was really nice, owned by a maori woman who loked like a typical indian. anyway, as there was nothing on in town, clarissa started to plait my hair. The next day we moved on to lake mahinapua, with a little stop at a seal colonie (at that time we were pretty excited by seeing them, but now I have seen some so many times, that I find it nothing special anymore...) The hostle we staied in at lake mahinapu was situated in the middle of nowhere, so i would have been quite boring, if our our driver would not have organised a little fancy dress competition...more next time

love ya marie

5.12.06 09:28


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